£21m extra for social care to help the vulnerable

The government has recently given the County Council an extra £21 million to help vulnerable people in Gloucestershire. This comes on top of £4 million already delivered by Gloucestershire County Council this year.

A417 - £255m to fix county blackspot

The plan to improve the A417 bottleneck is reaching the design stage.  The road is Gloucestershire’s top traffic blackspot with a terrible record for accidents and congestion.  Cheltenham’s previous Lib Dem MP refused to back the scheme, despite the serious implications for his constituents.

5,000 new Gloucestershire apprenticeships

Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to get paid to develop the skills Gloucestershire businesses need – and to learn a trade for life. We are pledging at least another 5,000 apprenticeship positions across the county, with at least 2,000 in engineering.