Changes to Cotswolds Household Waste & Recycling Collections

On Monday 10th December, Conservative run Cotswold District Council agreed to make a number of changes to your local household waste and recycling collection service. This was after a wide consultation with more than 1300 residents taking the time to share their views about how to improve the service.

As a result of these changes, our rubbish collection service will be more efficient, easier to use, and better value for money for all local residents – our proposals received cross-party support within the council.

The key changes are:

  • A brand-new fleet of vehicles

Our current fleet are reaching the end of their operational life, so we are replacing our vehicles which will provide a wider range of services.

  • This new fleet will enable the Council to collect a much wider range of items

This means that residents will be able to recycle used textiles, household batteries, electrical and electronic equipment, and Tetrapak cartons at the kerbside for the first time. 

  • The separation of food waste from garden waste collections

This will produce better quality recycled products in line with county-wide practices

  • Bigger and more robust household food caddies AND cardboard recycling bags

These new caddies and bags will be stronger, last longer and hold more.

  • Cutting the price you pay for the optional green waste bin

Bringing The Cotswolds in line with everyone else in Gloucestershire, by switching to fortnightly collections of green, we will be able to cut the price you pay for a green bin and keep it the cheapest service in the county.

These changes - delivered by hardworking local Conservatives - will result in everyone in The Cotswolds being able to recycle more, reducing the amount we send to landfill, whilst at the same time giving everyone better value for money.

The changes are expected to take effect in the later half of 2019.