Conservative Councillor secures commitment for three immediate actions to make Stroud carbon neutral by 2030

Plans to accelerate Stroud District Council’s ability to reach carbon neutral by 2030 took another step forward on Thursday 6th June when Conservative District Councillor David Mossman proposed three immediate practical actions. His approach was welcomed and received unanimous cross party approval. 

Councillor Mossman proposed:

  • Using savings from retained business rates to install car charging points in the Council's car parks and appropriate Council land.
  • Suggested promoting use of a new, British invented and manufactured devices, that allow users to charge cars only from renewable sources at their home when power is available. 
  • Finally, the council will ask the relevant government minister to put public pressure on Western Power. The lack of capacity in their ‘grid' is preventing connection of new large scale renewable generation.

Councillor Mossman said:

"I drive an electric car and want to take personal steps to minimise my carbon footprint. I have experienced some of the challenges and opportunities and want to share these ideas with the council and residents to demonstrate how everyone can play a practical part in this global challenge".


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