Stroud and District Conservative Women’s Luncheon Club

Our Women’s Luncheon Club is a long established and well respected club within the Stroud Conservative Association family.

We are a group of like minded individuals that meet once a month for a pleasant and relaxed lunch. We usually have a guest speaker after lunch and these are very often either of a historic or informative nature but very seldom are they political. As such, although one of our primary objectives is to raise money in support of the Association activities, such as campaigning and producing leaflets, we do not insist that our own members are also Association members. We encourage this of course, but this is left to the disecretion of each individual. Please do note however, that being a Luncheon Club member does not afford any voting rights if you are not also an Association member.

There is a modest annual fee to become a member of the Women’s Luncheon Club and thereafter lunches are payable on attendance. Our members may attend as many or a few lunches as they choose. We are a very friendly group and always extend a very warm welcome to new members. If you’d like to find out more or are interested in joining please click here. Our latest newsletters are available for you to read below.


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